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10-12U Fall Baseball League

2019 Concord Cannons Fall Baseball League

Concord Cannons Fall Baseball League will begin its 13th season this September. Over 540 players participated in the league last year which continues to expand and provide a structured, quality environment for baseball throughout the fall months. This league will consist of teams from New Hampshire and Vermont. The goal is the improve each player’s’ skills for the following season, and to have fun doing it. Games will be played from September-October.

2019 -  Fall Baseball League

    All games are played on 50ft/70ft fields

Player’s cannot turn 13 years old prior to May 1, 2020

  Double headers will be played on the

    Following Saturdays:

  September 7, 14, 21, 28 October 5, 12

 Playoffs will be held Saturday, October 19

Playoffs rain out date is October 26th

* We can't guarantee rain outs will be made up. A lot of factors come into play for kids that play multiple sports and fielding teams during the week.

                  (All teams will qualify. Single Elimination).               

       12 Game Regular Season and Playoffs 

Individual Player Registration Includes

- Placed on a Cannons Fall Ball Team (No tryouts required)

- Game Hat and Jersey - players responsible for white baseball pants.

- 12 scheduled games and playoffs

- 1 practice per week at Concord Sports Center

- 30 minute batting cage per week during the fall season. 

* Please note before registering this is a change from previous season. 

- Head Coach which is paid by Concord Sports Center

- Umpire fees and game balls included

Spring Cannons Players $250.00

Individual Fall Cannons Players $285.00


Team Registration Information 

- $550 per team

- Teams receive 90 minutes of practice time per week at Concord Sports Center during the fall season. 

- 12 Game Schedule (all field rentals provided in the registration cost)

- Teams are responsible for umpire fees and game balls. 12U (1 Umpire for 12U) $55 per doubleheader, $27.50 per game

* Game Balls will be available for sale at Concord Sports Center for $36 per dozen.



All registrations are complete following payment. Player's will be added to rosters weekly on the site. If you don't see your name listed and did register online you are signed up.

Once payment is complete please email Bryan Caruso (Name, Address, Phone, Email, and any team request you have)

Once the payment registration is removed from the website the league is full. Thank you

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12U Cannons Fall Practices

Wednesdays, August 28th - October 23 - 5:30pm-7:00pm

@ Concord Sports Center - 2 Whitney Rd, Concord, NH

Cannons Fall Teams

Cannons - Brandt

Team Roster

1. Isaac Price

2. Sebastian Prieto











Cannons - Caruso

Team Roster

1. Winn Thomas

2. Jackson Cote

3. Troy Konstantakos

4. Alex Perry 

5. Gabe Dickinson

6. Ben LeBreque

7. Brady Anderson

8. Alex Hickman

9. Ryan Chartier




Full Teams

1. Granite Heat

2. River Dogs









Fall Baseball League - Rules

LEAGUE RULES - Standard HS Federation Rules Apply

• Schedules will be made by Concord Sports Center Staff
• Each team must play all games on scheduled. No Cancellations
• Week 6 will be used as makeups and equally matched teams
• All games count towards your team’s record for playoffs.

• All Rosters due prior to the start of the league
• Players must meet age eligibility requirements
• A player can only be on one roster in same league. If a team is short a player they can use another player from the program but they can’t play down,  playoffs you can only use your players on your roster.

• 12U: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4.
• Middle School and High School: 15 runs after 3 & 4 innings, 10 runs after 5.
• Home team always gets their last at bat if needed.


2 Hour Time Limit for every game. No new inning can start after 2 hours
• 12U: 6 innings. (Official game is 4 innings)
• Middle School and High School: 7 innings. (Official game is 4 innings)

• There are no Pitching restrictions in regular season or playoffs.
• There are no warnings on balks for any age level

• If a balk is called then the play is dead. Each base-runner moves up one base.
• Pitchers can not fake to third base, it will now be considered a balk.


• 12U – No Bat Restrictions

  • Middle School (No Bat Restrictions)

• Teams can use any brand for baseballs. Can’t be batting practice balls.

• Scores must be reported no later than Monday of each week by email to (We don’t want to chase scores down each week both teams please send them over.)

• 12U: Plastic cleats.
• Middle School or High School : Metal or plastic cleats.

• Concord Sports Center responsible for scheduling umpires.
• Teams will split cost of umpires.
• 12U: 1 patched umpire ($55 per game) Middle School and HS Two patched umpires ($65 per game).

• Re-entry rule. A player can only re-enter for the same player that went in for him and then that player he goes back in for is done for that game. You cannot re-enter for a different player. You can never hit in 2 different spots in the line-up during a game.
• Re-entry for a pitcher: In the event a pitcher is substituted with a pinch-runner or hitter, the pitcher may re-enter the game immediately as long as another pitcher does not throw a pitch. If he re-enters after someone else throws a pitch, he will not be allowed to pitch in that game.

• The batting order must consist of at least 9 players. Teams can use an EH and a DH in the same line-up. Teams also have the option of using as many EH’s as they want.
• If a player is injured while using a continuous batting order and that players spot in the batting order comes up, an out is recorded and then they can continue with the batting order.
• A team must start a game with 9 players but can finish with 8 players.

• No courtesy runners.

•  Coaches simply need to tell the umpire that you are intentionally walking the batter and no longer need to throw four pitches.
• If a game is tied after all innings have been completed, the "Tie-Breaker" will go into effect. Each team starts with the bases loaded and one out.  The last 3 batters from the previous innings are the base runners. This will continue until you get a winner. (Excludes championship games)