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Speed Workouts @ Concord Sports Center

Program Overview

SPEED DOMINATES. Speed is a tool that has been and will continue to be a desired player asset on ANY playing field. In these workouts, athletes will learn how to use their bodies efficiently through unique drills to increase sprint speed and quickness. This program welcomes players from all sports!


What does the program entail?

Workout sessions will be held three times each week, with the first workout of each month being an evaluation day where athletes will go through a series of tests, allowing them to be re-tested each month to track speed progress. Workouts will always be one hour long, with the focus of each rotating throughout the week. It is more than just getting on the line and doing sprints.


Want to try it out?? Come on in for a trial session on any of the scheduled workout dates. First workout is FREE!



Schedule for weeks one & three of the month:

Monday - sprinting straight: 6-7pm

Thursday - changing direction: 730-830pm

Friday - sprinting straight: 6-7pm


Schedule for weeks two & four of the month:

Monday - changing direction: 6-7pm

Thursday - sprinting straight: 730-830pm

Friday - changing direction: 6-7pm

The workout schedules for the following months can be found in the attachment below



What will be the structure of the workouts?

Workouts will be physically and mentally challenging, and the structure of each session will remain consistent, being broken up into four parts:


Part I: Active dynamic warm-up

Will consist of exercises that will introduce the athlete to the movements necessary for improving sprint speed. 

Part II: Sprinting form

Will progress into mechanical drills, working on proper sprinting form. These drills will not always be intense; rather, tailored to helping the athlete move in an efficient way.

Part III: Full speed drills

Present the opportunity to apply what was learned previously in the session to a game speed environment.

Part IV: Cool down

Lastly, each session will conclude with a cool down consisting of an abdominal workout and full body stretch.



Membership Options

Sign-ups are NOT limited to the first workout of the month. START ANYTIME. Memberships begin the day of the month you sign up. 


1 month membership:  


*Cannons rate - $155/month

Attend as many workouts as you'd like over the course of a month.

The ideal time frame to benefit from the program is to attend two workouts per week for a month. The one month program option offers three classes each week, allowing athletes flexibility to workout when they please or, if desired, attend all twelve workouts to take full advantage of becoming faster.


3 Month Membership (best option):


*Cannons rate - $135/month

Attend as many workouts as you'd like over the course of three months!

If you want to be a better competitor, the three-month option is the program for you. Consistent training over a three-month period offers the best opportunity to acquire and maintain significant gains in speed as you prepare for your next season.   



What to bring?

Athletic attire/shoes





"If you're faster, you're better."


Call us at 224-1655 for more information.

Membership Options

how to register

From the drop down arrow above, there are multiple options from which to choose. The option you choose will depend on how long you wish to sign up for, and, if signing up for a three-month membership, how you would like to conduct payment. When signing up for a three-month membership you may either pay the total cost up front, or pay in installments. Instructions are below:

One-Month Membership

If signing up for one month, select the “One-Month $170” option. If you are a Cannons player, select the “One-Month (Cannons) $155” option.


Three-Month Membership

If signing up for three months, and wish to pay the total cost up front, select the “Three-Month $450” option. If you are a Cannons player and wish to pay the total cost up front, select the “Three-Month (Cannons) $405” option.

If you wish to pay in installments, select the “Three-Month (Installment)” option. If you are a Cannons player, select the “Three-Month (Cannons Installment)” option. The total cost will be broken up into three payments, each being due on the day of the month you signed up on. For example: if you sign up on October 1st, the first payment is due on October 1st, the second payment due on November 1st, and the third and final payment due on December 1st, with the final workout date for the athlete being January 1st.  

Instructor David Brandt

David has extensive experience in speed training and in baseball. A 2013 graduate of Castleton University in Castleton, VT with a degree in Sports Administration and Business, he has since developed a routine where he plays baseball during the spring and summer, and teaches speed and baseball during the fall and winter months. After completing his collegiate playing career at Castleton, where he holds the school records for stolen bases in a single season (47) and for a career (109), he went on to play in the Professional Pecos League for the Santa Fe Fuego in New Mexico for two seasons. In his second year, David showed off his speed stealing 31 bases on 33 attempts. After New Mexico, he took his playing career to Europe where he was a Player-Coach in the Austrian League for two seasons for the Attnang-Puchheim Athletics. While with the A’s, he implemented a pre, and mid-season speed program propelling the team to be the league leaders in stolen bases and runs scored in both seasons. In between playing in Santa Fe and Austria, he would return to Bristol, Connecticut for the fall and winter seasons where he was a Speed Instructor for the Parisi Speed School. While at Parisi, David worked with athletes who played a variety of different sports including baseball, softball, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, track & field, hockey, field hockey, skiing, and golf. David is 27 years old and a native of Contoocook, New Hampshire.


David Brandt

Speed Instructor