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February Vacation Clinic

february vacation clinic

Looking for something to do over February vacation?? Why not come play some baseball for a few hours in the morning!! Five days, each beginning with skill work focusing on a specific topic (hitting, pitching, or fielding), and ending with games. The structure of each day will be as follows:


Warm-Up/Base Running

A short, active-dynamic warm-up to physically prepare for the day, followed by the discussion and practice of a specific base running topic. 

Skill Work

One of three topics (hitting, pitching, or fielding), will be covered. Players will be given a solid foundation both mechanically and mentally helping them hit the ball harder, throw more strikes, and field more consistently. Lots and lots of reps! 


We will conclude the day by playing games, giving players the opportunity to apply what they learn during the skill work to a competitive environment. 



Monday 2/25 - Friday 3/1

9am - 12pm


February Vacation Clinic