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Cannons Baseball Information

Year by Year Results

Cannons Baseball Established 2006

Alumni in College and Pros

Concord Cannons Program Information (2019 - 2020)

Concord Cannons Baseball was established in 2006 and enters its 14th season in 2020. Over that time the Cannons program has been offering year-round advanced baseball training and one of the most competitive travel programs regionally. The Cannons program believes strongly in playing competition equal or better to help our players prepare for future advancement in the game. The Cannons program offers one team at each age division of the Elite Baseball League. Members of the Concord Cannons receive year-long memberships to Concord Sports Center. 

Concord Sports Center is a 23,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose indoor sports facility in Concord, NH. Concord Sports Center offers two indoor turf field areas, 5 batting cages and gym area which is available year-round to all Cannons players. 

All Cannons teams are coached by former college/ professional players or high school Varsity coaches. The Cannons program doesn’t allow parents to be head coaches of teams. The Cannons program has very little turnover with coaching from year to year. In 2019 all Cannons Head Coaches had at least 7 years’ experience in the program. (Bryan Caruso, 14 Years, Eric Duquette 13 Years, Dale Emerson 9 Years, Matt Tupman 7 Years, Rob Stockman 7 Years.) 

Concord Cannons baseball fully supports local town leagues and school baseball programs. We encourage our players to play as much baseball as possible. Cannons baseball is offering more baseball against quality competition and year-long training which we believe helps players advance in the game. We also believe in playing other sports and focusing on the sport that is in season. Workouts are offered year-round in the program but if you can’t make something it shouldn’t be a burden to fit everything in. We want well rounded athletes in the program and specialization of sports is strongly discouraged.  

Every player’s journey in the game has many important aspects in making them successful as athletes such as family, local leagues, school and finding the right training. The Cannons program looks to help guide players through these different aspects in becoming successful on and off the field. One way we try to do this is by the experiences with thousands of athletes that have gone through the program and the experiences of our coaching staff. Our coaching staff has played or coached at all levels of organized baseball from tee ball to the Major Leagues.  The Cannons program has 3 players drafted in the Major League Draft and over 100 playing collegiately.  

We encourage all families interested in travel baseball to do their research before selecting a travel program. There are several options out there and it is often difficult to tell the difference between programs. The Cannons program has an overall program direction with dedicated non parent coaches that have a proven track record in travel baseball. Families interested in the Cannons program always have an open invite to team practices, games or speak with the Program Director, Bryan Caruso.  

Year-Long Training Program and Indoor Baseball Facility

All players must tryout every season and every season all players must earn positions, playing time and role on the team. We're asked frequently about how many kids are returning or how many spots are available? There are no predetermined rosters prior to tryouts we're looking to improve every season. We believe this makes our players earn it every year like they'll have to do at the higher levels.

* Cannons Philosophy on recruiting. We appreciate when parents or players spread the word about the Cannons Organization it truly is a help to our program. However, we will not approach families or recruit players from other organizations unless they reach out to us first. We want players that buy into what the Cannons program is about.  We will not mislead our families or make promises we can't fulfill. We've never approached a player from another organization, everyone has their personal reasons why they play where they play, and we respect that. 

Selection Process

Following tryouts rosters will be posted on each team page on the Cannons website and families will be contacted about the rosters. 

If you are selected on a Cannons team, we ask families to discuss the commitment of the program and decide if it's the right fit for them as a family. We will not put a deadline on this decision if it’s made in a reasonable amount of time. If programs are putting deadlines on accepting roster spots  they aren’t looking out for the best interest of families. 


Following tryouts all players selected on a roster can start using Concord Sports Center for training. Concord Cannons players also receive discounted Private Instruction with all Concord Sports Center employed coaches. The Cannons organization has no problem with players working with other instructors at other facilities. If you have someone already that works for you, we encourage you to work with that coach.

Fall Baseball

Fall baseball is an optional program at Concord Sports Center offered at a discount to Cannons players. This is the only program not included in the Cannons playing fees. This league is run by Concord Sports Center and has 50-60 teams participating each year. With multi-sport athletes we've found it's very difficult to have the team together in this league, but we'll try and keep as many Cannons teammates together as possible. All players must register separately for this program.

November - December

The Cannons program will begin in November with speed classes taught by David Brandt. David is the Director of Speed Training for the Concord Sports Center and Cannons Baseball program. This program is designed to teach our players how to improve overall athleticism and how to practice being more athletic. One of the philosophies of the Cannons program is we want to play fast and athletic as a team and this program is a great introduction on training the body to move properly. David is at Concord Sports Center every day during the off-season and is available to help adjust programs and answer any speed questions families may have throughout the off-season. The program objective during November and December is getting our bodies prepared for the long baseball season.

New to the program in 2019-2020 will be drop in Cannons workouts with Cannons coaches, former players and Concord Sports Center instructors. These workouts will have designated times and focus points to help review and implement the training philosophies of the program. These programs will be offered 2x per week November and December and available to all age groups. 

Drop In Classes will be run by the following coaches Bryan Caruso (Cannons Program Director), Matt Tupman (Former Major League Catcher), Eric Duquette (Former College Coach, Gilford HS Varsity Coach), David Drouin (Former Cannons player, D1 player and Graduate of University of Hartford), Ben Bengston (Former Cannons player, Pittsburgh Pirates 3B Minor Leaguer), Tyler Olander (UConn Basketball 2x National Champion, Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Pitcher) David Brandt (Cannons Speed Instructor, current professional player overseas), Evan Vulgamore (Former Cannons player, D1 3B player Quinnipiac University, Cape Cod League) 

January - April 

Team practice run by each teams coaching staff will begin in January and run twice per week until the start of the season. These workouts are a mixture of indoor field times and batting cage times at Concord Sports Center. The objective of these workouts is to prepare the team for the game schedule. Individual work is crucial starting in January for players to get in a routine for bullpens, hitting outside of the workouts and overall strength work. Being a good baseball player takes organization and discipline we suggest each player work with the team’s head coach on developing a plan for training outside of the team workouts.

In Season Schedule 


The 10U program in the Cannons organization is an introduction to the program. The team typically plays 2 games per weekend (April -June) with some 4 game weekends throughout the season. The 10U team should expect 18-25 games including 1-2 tournaments. This age group will play at the EBL D1 or D2 level based on age of the players and experience level. The 10U team will practice 1x per week around the game schedule. The objective of this age group is to learn the fundamentals of the game while controlling emotions and learning to play the game as a team. Most importantly it's about having FUN! 

2020 - Head Coach: Chris Metz


The 11U program in the Cannons organization is the first age group of leading and stealing. The team will play 2-4 games per weekend (April-June). The team should expect 25-30 games including 2-3 tournaments. Families must be prepared for an overnight tournament at Baseball Heaven or Diamond Nation sometime in June. This age group will play at the EBL. The 11U team will practice 1x per week around the game schedule. The objective of this age group is to continue to learn the fundamentals and learn the team strategy with “big diamond” baseball rules. 

2020 Head Coach: Bryan Caruso


The 12U program in the Cannons organization is to prepare for the transitional year to the larger field. The team will play 4 game weekends (April-June) The team should expect 30-35 games including 2-3 tournaments. Families must be prepared for at least one overnight tournament. This age group will play in the EBL. The 12U team will practice 1-2x per week around the game schedule. The objective of this age group is to learn the proper fundamentals that translate to the larger field. This age group starts to learn the grind of playing a lot of baseball and the importance of in game play.


The 13U program in the Cannons organization is the transitional year to the larger field. The team will play (April-August). This team will have 50+ games scheduled and should expect to play 40-45 games including 3-4 tournaments. This age group will play in the EBL. The 13U team will practice 1x per week around the game schedule. The objective of this age group is to transition to the larger field by playing a lot of games against quality competition. 

2020 Head Coach: Rob Stockman


The 14U program in the Cannons organization has a focus on team development and individual progress. Routine, preparation, strength training are major factors in development as ballplayers at this age. This team will have 45+ games scheduled and should expect to play 40-45 games including 3-4 Tournaments. This age group will play at the EBL D1 level. The 14U team will practice 1x per week around the game schedule. The objective of this age group is to get as strong physically as possible and understand what you are starting to become as a player. Learning how to prepare to be successful and figuring out each players personal routine is crucial at this level. This team will only play a light schedule in April and May during school baseball. 

2020 Head Coach: Bryan Caruso


The 16U program in the Cannons Organization is the start to playing showcase style tournaments. This season will begin following the HS season and has no conflicts with HS baseball. Teams should expect to play tournaments (June-August). This is the first time being in front of college coaches for most players. The team will focus on being a competitive team in these tournaments but also each players path in the game after HS.  

2020 Head Coach: Matt Tupman


The premier team in the Cannons Organization. Typically the most competitive team in the program. On average 8-10 players go on to play collegiality. The team will play one of the most competitive schedule in New England Travel Baseball. This team is also perfect for players entering their freshman seasons of college. 

2020 CO Head Coaches: Eric Duquette and Chris Metz


2019-2020 Membership FeesĀ 

 2019-2020 Membership Fees 

Cannons membership fees are based on one year memberships. These fees include uniforms, Concord Sports Center membership, all team practices, tournaments, league expenses and coaching stipends.  All membership fees are non-refundable.

Fundraising options will be available following tryouts and all families will have the option to fundraise for the membership fees.

10U Concord Cannons 

2020 Membership Total: $1,500

11U Concord Cannons 

2020 Membership Total: $1,500

12U Concord Cannons 

2020 Membership Total: $1,750

13U Concord Cannons 

2020 Membership Total: $1,850

14U Concord Cannons   

2020 Membership Total: $2,000 

16U Concord Cannons 

2020 Membership Total: $2,200

18U Concord Cannons 

2020 Membership Total: $2,200

Pitcher only pricing available following tryouts for all age groups. Pitcher only players will not hit or play the field. 

$500 deposit due in September for all player's to secure roster spot. Monthly payments due beginning in November and all payments due by April 1, 2020. Uniforms will not be given out to player's with balances on April 1.  


2012 Draft 3rd Round - Jordan Cote NY Yankees - Concord Cannons 2007 and 2008

2017 Drafted! Ben Bengtson, Concord Cannons 2007-2013

2017 Drafted! Jake Nelson, Concord Cannons 2007-2012